Sound of Music

Today is my one day to sit down and ‘study’ – meaning one of my last days to write an essay that is due in 48 hours. So, instead I gave in to one of my more secret loves; which is playing the piano, albeit haltingly.

I draw the blinds in our colleges’ small and cramped music room which has two standard upright piano’s. One of these piano’s is a shiny mahogany, has white keys and is surprisingly in tune. The other sits to its left and is battered dull brown and definitely has one or two keys missing.

I sit in the cramped space provided to us students by mysterious college overlords at the piano with gleaming white keys and slowly try to learn simple chords and sing hushed choruses with my iPhone substituting sheet music.

This is how I lost most of my day, carefully and quietly tapping out notes and to my delight finally completing a whole song. I could never see it as a waste of time but now I only have 40 hours till D-day but that’s ok. Making time for yourself is something no one should forget. It swamps your mind and alters your attitude towards the world.

Living life on the edge isn’t what I aim for. I aim for simple pleasures and maybe pushing a deadline or two.

Happy living! xx


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