Ok, so this is my testimonial for my own 5 week journey. I’ve been sitting at this desk researching healthy options, cutting calories, how to get motivated, and the whole time I’ve been wondering; “Am I really that bad?”

I’ve always believed I’ve had a generally good diet, and I’ve always made excuses as to why I don’t exercise as much as I should. Of course, I wouldn’t be sitting here if all of this was true and I actually thought I was healthy, in my diet and my weight.

I am using this platform to declare my intentions for my 5 week, and life-long, journey to fitness. Without some sense of obligation towards keeping my word I am likely to give up or suddenly decided I’m fine with how I am, after two days!

So! I, Julia, pledge to you, my fitness audience, that I will stay strong for the next 5 weeks!! This step will help me pledge, on my fifth week, to stay strong for the next five weeks and then the next after that, so on and so on.

I am cutting out refined sugar and the random acts of binge drinking that occur during college life. I am being positive and overcoming my negative thinking habits. And I am going to be a fine looking lass from this day onwards, so look out mysterious crush of mine because this year I’m going to show you what I can be!


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