Ok, so this is my testimonial for my own 5 week journey. I’ve been sitting at this desk researching healthy options, cutting calories, how to get motivated, and the whole time I’ve been wondering; “Am I really that bad?”

I’ve always believed I’ve had a generally good diet, and I’ve always made excuses as to why I don’t exercise as much as I should. Of course, I wouldn’t be sitting here if all of this was true and I actually thought I was healthy, in my diet and my weight.

I am using this platform to declare my intentions for my 5 week, and life-long, journey to fitness. Without some sense of obligation towards keeping my word I am likely to give up or suddenly decided I’m fine with how I am, after two days!

So! I, Julia, pledge to you, my fitness audience, that I will stay strong for the next 5 weeks!! This step will help me pledge, on my fifth week, to stay strong for the next five weeks and then the next after that, so on and so on.

I am cutting out refined sugar and the random acts of binge drinking that occur during college life. I am being positive and overcoming my negative thinking habits. And I am going to be a fine looking lass from this day onwards, so look out mysterious crush of mine because this year I’m going to show you what I can be!


Here For You

I think I forget that I’m worth it.

Currently, I’m struggling between giving myself a shot and pulling myself down.

It’s a hard argument to have with yourself on an everyday basis. On the one hand, you know you’re an interesting, lively person who deserves every good thing that comes your way. On the other hand, a small voice whispers in your ear about how you might not be pretty enough or interesting enough.

I get lost in my inner dialogue and my inner vision of myself.

So, I’m here to try and give everyone I know that little push towards the better life.

You are good enough. You are definitely pretty enough.

You’re more interesting, clever, witty and hilarious than you give yourself credit for.

People always tell you to shut up that little derogatory voice in your head but I think you should let it tell it’s little story, incite it’s little judgement’s and then tell it it’s wrong.

That little voice is you. Tell yourself you are wrong. Tell yourself you love you!

You deserve as much as you work for, so work for it!

Don’t give up the fight before it begins, life is here for you. I am here for you.